Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions. They are really important. With the purchase of tickets at Psytickets you fully accept these terms and conditions:
Psytickets is a service of mushroom magazine represented by FORMAT Promotion GmbH, Holstenstraße 103, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
The Psytickets ticketshop provides a platform making it possible to purchase tickets from event organisers. Psytickets therefore only arranges for the ordering process of the tickets.
At Psytickets you buy e-tickets with a printed barcode/QR code. They will be delivered as download and to the given email address after payment. Print out the ticket and bring it to the event gate.
If its required for the user to submit personal names for each ticket you need a passport or id card at the festival gate to identify yourself as the owner of the ticket. In this case the person which name is listed on the ticket is eligible to make the tickets available to other persons in the group.
Psytickets does not accept any liability for any damage which the user may suffer as a result of tickets not being available and/or otherwise incorrect and/or erroneous information from the event organisers. Psytickets also does not accept any liability for damage caused by cancellation or postponement of an event or for the quality of the event and/or the location where the event will be held.
The prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise indicated. The listed prices may be amended without prior notification. The price stated during the ordering procedure is binding. Presale tickets offered at Psytickets are non-refundable and cannot be resold.
For questions regarding Psytickets please contact support@mushroom-magazine.com
For questions regarding the event please contact the event organizer.